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   I have been polishing my English at EFFECT school for more than a year now. My goal was to improve my conversation skills to use it in everyday work with my international clients. I can say that Natalia is a good English teacher with strong pedagogical skills.

   My educational program was developed basing upon the requirements of the area I work in - international business with consideration of my personal level of English. My business partners and my management have their independent opinion that I have considerably increased my English since then. I can feel the result right now, during the meetings and negotiations with my customers, I do not need to think over the next phrase I am going to say, I just talk without any confusion or delay.

   Right now I am working on the improvement of my English to make it sound more professional using the business vocbulary and I am sure I can do it with the help of Effect English school. I wish all the success to all of you who want to learn English, just go for it.

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